The best (and worst) celebrity fan encounters
Dave Grohl

Justin Bieber is no stranger to controversy

With regular appearances at the top of the chart, and legions of screaming, teenage fans declaring their undying love for the once child star, you’d be hard pressed to think of a bigger name in pop music.

But it seems that the feeling between Biebs and his fans isn’t mutual, as a recently surfaced video shows.

Caught out shopping for clothes, Bieber shuts down a fan’s request for a hug with an ice cold “no”. You can watch the moment below:

It’s not the first time music stars have given their fans a hard time, but among the horror stories there are some rays of sunshine from celebs willing to indulge their followers’ requests.

Let’s take a look at some of the best (and worst) fan interactions:

Bieber cancels all future meet and greets

We’ll start where we left off: with Bieber.

During a world tour back in March, the star cancelled all future meet and greets, saying his brief moments spent with fans left him “mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression”.

But it gets even more bizarre. At a gig in Las Vegas, fans shelled out £1,400 to meet the singer, only to find he’d been replaced by a cardboard cut-out at the last minute.

He’s also lamented fans throwing items onstage, calling their gifts “sh*t”.

John Barnes sings the ‘World in Motion’ rap while sunbathing

John Barnes is nowhere near the same level – fame wise – as the Canadian pop-brat. But he’s instantly a step above in the nice guy race with this amazing display of willing to please a starstruck fan.

The retired footballer once lent his awkward, stunted rap skills to New Order’s 1990 World Cup anthem ‘World In Motion’, and now seems more than happy to oblige fans who want to hear his sick bars.

Here he is in Dubai breaking out an impassioned rendition of the iconic rap:

Avril Lavigne takes photos *near* fans

Photo opportunities with big stars before shows are a fairly common occurance, and of course you’d expect certain rules to be in place to weed out any stalkerish creeps.

But Avril Lavigne takes the prize for most cautious photo opp, having seemingly imposed a 2ft safety zone around herself, and absolutely no physical contact at any point.

And tickets to stand an arms length away from Lavigne cost around £300…

For a full showcase of amazingly awkward photos, head here.

Taylor Swift shows how fan photos are done

Back in 2015, the above post was actually enough to anger Avril Lavigne into a Twitter response.

Taking to Twitter, Lavigne wrote:

“Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are. We all love our fans”.

Whatever you think of Swift (and it’s a bit of a grey area at the moment for some), you can’t deny that her fan interactions are just the sort of thing you’d want from a major star. Kudos!

Dave Grohl invites a tearful fan onstage

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl has certainly earned his “nicest man in rock” moniker, and inviting fans onstage is just par for the course for the Foo Fighters frontman.

But when he invited a crying fan to join the band for a teary rendition of ‘My Hero’ last year, hearts melted and social media exploded.

After noticing the man was crying, Grohl said: “I’m gonna sing this to your crying, grown man ass right now!”

John Williams pops out to meet young musicians

When a couple of kids played the Star Wars theme outside the legendary composer’s home, Wiliams did the opposite of what many would do (“get off my lawn!”) and actually left the house to praise the pair on their musical prowess.

Much to their bemusement, Williams comments:

“I didn’t think they’d actually make it, but they made it” – referencing the tune’s difficult to hit notes.

Antemasque throw boiling water into the crowd


You’ve probably not heard of Antemasque, being a short lived side-project of The Mars Volta and At The Drive-In. They imploded shortly after forming, probably because of antics like this.

During a set at a small festival in New Zealand, things took a turn for the unnerving when the band started passionately destroying the stage and throwing various objects at the crowd.

One of those objects? A kettle filled with boiling water.

It was probably just a spur of the moment, ‘what can we throw next?’ kind of thing, and thankfully nobody was hurt. Apart from one fan that is whose arm – according to a friend – “went all burny pink”.


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