Tom Neenan: Review – A Horror Story
tom neenan

The wonderful storyteller Tom Neenan is back at the Fringe with a set of dark yet sublime tales of magic, malevolence and misfortune in his one-man portmanteau horror comedy Vaudeville.

After last year’s short story for WOW247, here Tom pens another meticulously crafted tale, fusing horror and humour.

Review – A Horror Story.

How does one even begin to praise the incredible
Eric & James? A double act at the very top of their game
Leaving aside the fact that they are skilled
Performers and

Marvellous writers
Every sketch they perform is a masterpiece

Incredible turns of phrase and

An excellent knowledge of the form
Means the show is better than I could have imagined.

Let’s take a minute to talk about writing.
Other sketch groups may go for easy gags.
Clever puns and that
Kind of thing.
Everything here feels fresh,
Delightful and inspired.

I was as impressed as everyone else.
Nobody left unsatisfied.

Then there is the issue of staging.
How inspired
Every scene
Is brilliantly brought to life.
Ranging from a snow scene to a jungle sketch.

Can these guys do any better?
Everything in this show is perfect,
Leaving little room for improvement.
Let’s take a look back at this review
And really take it in.
Read it, from the first letter, down.

– Please don’t miss it!!

Tom Neenan – Vaudeville, Underbelly Med Quad, 16.15 (17.15) 3 – 28 Aug / tickets