My Scientology Movie trailer: could this be Louis Theroux’s most ambitious film?
Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

The latest trailer for Louis’ Scientology documentary shows a chaotic mix of sweary re-enactments, angry followers and classic Theroux moves

Louis Theroux‘s latest documentary My Scientology Movie is set for a cinematic release in the UK this October, over a year since it first played at the London Film Festival.

We recently put together a round-up of everything we know about the documentary maker’s big screen debut – and the new trailer has definitely got us jumping on the furniture with anticipation.

This first official trailer (from Australian distributor Madman films) lays out the premise in full.

After being knocked back from making a film from within the Scientology community, Theroux decides to cast actors as his own Scientologist leading figures to re-enact some of their most notorious incidents of abuse with the help of defected Church member Mark Rathbun – using some tacky LA film sets.

Naturally, the Scientology community is less than happy with Louis’ move plans.

Watch the trailer below:

From this first proper look, My Scientology Movie looks like Theroux’s most ambitious project to date.

It borrows aspects of Joshua Oppenheimer’s seminal The Act Of Killing by throwing his subjects into intense re-enactments, and melding it with his own disarming geeky charm.

This isn’t your small-screen Theroux adventure, but something with a cinematic heft to it.

My Scientology Movie is set for UK release on October 7


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