The coolest things from Comic-Con (that people aren’t talking about)
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The annual San Diego Comic-Con has fired up once more, bringing us all the biggest news and announcements in geek culture

It’s been a packed weekend as always, full of the kind of news that will be sure to send film, video game and comic book fans into raptures, but we reckon some of the most exciting news may well have passed under your radar.

Here are a few fantastic things you may not have heard about.

Luc Besson’s ‘Valerian’ sounds incredible


Details are thin on Luc Besson’s next sci-fi project, but what we do know from reports coming out of the panels is tantilising stuff.

The man behind The Fifth Element is directing an adaptation of a French sci-fi comic series credited with inspiring Star Wars. Cue Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan starring in a massive world filled with aliens and cameos.

It sounds like epic stuff, and snippets of footage were shown to those lucky enough to be in attendance. Initial reports are more than positive.

The Man In The High Castle got a Season 2 trailer

The dystopian, alternate reality Amazon Prime series is back! And at Amazon Studios’ panel, they debut a brand new teaser trailer for the show, which you can watch here:

As well as that brief snippet of goodness, we also got a look at an introduction to the series from Ridley Scott.

Brand new Trolls footage

You wouldn’t think a film based on the fuzzy haired Troll toys you used to hate as a kid would be worth a go, but from early footage screened at Comic-Con, it’s not looking too bad. Have a look for yourself:

Marvel released a LOT of tidbits

As always, Marvel’s presence at the Comic-Con was unavoidable.

Highlights from the comic book powerhouse include: a third season of Davedevil, a new trailer for the Luke Cage series, first looks at both The Defenders and Iron Fist and the long-awaited reveal of Kurt Russell’s character in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. As many predicted, he’s playing Star Lord’s father.

Yeah, they cleaned up.

We got our first look at the Hey Arnold! movie

Another 90s staple getting a big screen, animated outing 20-years too late, Nickleodian gave attendees their first glimpse of the football shaped head of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.

Lionsgate brought a Blair Witch sequel

We’re claiming that we called this one, although the news will likely come as somewhat of a shock to most film fans.

Lionsgate’s intention to revive the 1999 found-footage rollercoaster that is The Blair Witch Project with a belated sequel was the best kept secret of the whole event, with attendees initially believing that they would simply be seeing a movie called The Woods.

Oh, you guys!

Sonic is making a genuine comeback

Sonic original

Let’s face it, the little blue hedgehog has never been quite as popular as the petite Italian plumber, and not an awful lot is going to change that.

But at least Sega are trying (ostensibly at least). The gaming giants announced two new games featuring the faster-than-sound mammal, one of which is a re-imaging of classic, 2D Sonic titles, while the other features a brand new adventure.

For the millionth time, let’s hope this signals a true comeback.

The Skull Island cast looks genuinely great

Skull Island trailer screenshot

The inclusion of Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly, Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Toby Kebbell and John Goodman in the trailer for Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island silenced the haters somewhat.

Hey, if he can pull off a better ‘Kong’ movie than Peter Jackson, fair play to him.

Aquaman just got serious

We’ve all enjoyed a good-natured ribbing session at the hands of Aquaman, the most useless of all the fictional superheroes, but after the light-hearted / promising trailer for DC Entertainments Justice League movie, it might all have to stop.

If Jason Momoa’s stint as horselord king Kahl Drogo on Game of Thrones didn’t prove that he’s a star, then Aquaman’s much-needed reinvention will.

Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur is basically Game of Thrones

King Arthur Legend of the Sword trailer screenshot

Apparently cashing in on the immense popularity of Game of Thrones, Warner Bros. have commissioned a new King Arthur movie.

Oh, and they went and stole Roose Bolton, so in addition to the obvious comparisons between sword and shield cinematic spectaculars, Michael McElhatton will provide some much-needed class to the production.

Clive Owen didn’t do a bad job in 2004, but let’s hope Charlie Hunnam’s cockney wit suits King Arthur’s legendary regal valiance even more.

Blog by Jordan Sims and Alex Nelson


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