Radiohead’s Thom Yorke used as the face of Satan by Christian group
Thom Yorke Satan

A Christian group, known as the New Generation for God, have posted an image depicting Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke as the devil – looking to ‘enslave and destroy you’

Sometimes the lines between farce and reality blur until you’re literally not sure what’s going on anymore.

But yes, a Christian movement really did decide to use Thom Yorke‘s face as Satan.

The New Generation for God are group who outline their mission as using ‘the web and all technology, to unmask the biggest lie of all time, the lie that “God is dead”, and replace it with the absolute truth that he is alive and is coming soon to judge us.’

Their website pitches the group as a new ‘hip and happening’ strand of Christianity, just with some of the outdated messages still knocking around – including some textbook nasty views on homosexuality.

Anyway, the group’s plan to use social media to deliver their message hit an unfortunate set-back, when they enlisted the Radiohead frontman (in his OK Computer era pomp) as their face of the devil – offering temptations such as ‘pornography’, ‘drugs’ and ‘atheism’.

Naturally, some ‘Head fans quite enjoyed seeing Thom’s face pop up in some mad propaganda material.

This isn’t the first time the snake-hipped melancholy merchant has seen his image use in strange circumstances – only last year the same image was used in an Iranian publication about sex and relationship issues.

Which does beg the question – is Thom Yorke really Satan, or a sex God?


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