Netflix’s The Get Down: everything we know so far
The Get Down

The latest trailer for Netflix original series The Get Down looks to offer a disco inferno, with tales of music and tough times in The Bronx

Anticipation surrounding The Get Down has been brewing for over a year. The upcoming thirteen episode series first popped up on our radar with a short teaser last February, then again this January with a slightly longer disco-packed trailer.

Now this tale of The Bronx in the late ’70s now has a ‘main trailer’ – laying out the main characters and showing the sharp visual style.

If the trailer has tantalised you to find out more, then here’s a quick explainer on everything we know so far about Netflix’s next potential must-watch series.

It’s Baz Luhrmann’s creation

In what is quite a coup for the streaming giant, the Aussie director behind movies such as Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby has taken his first plunge into the small screen with Netflix.

Baz Luhrmann


A Luhrmann project comes with certain expectations, from lavish set design to a heavy-focus on music and a good ol’ fashioned love story right at the very centre.

From the main trailer above, it’s safe to say that all those boxes have been ticked.

It’s the ‘most expensive TV series in history’

Oh Netflix, did you not realise that signing up Baz for a thirteen-parter was always going to end drastically over budget?

Worringly, the show has hit more than a few bumps on the road in the last years of production. Scripts have been written then re-written, writers have been fired, sets have been shut down and Lurhmann even considering abandoning the whole project.

According to Variety, the initial budget was set as $7.5 million per episode – with it now being reported to have cost $210 million overall. Oh my.

There’s the beginnings of hip-hop

The Get Down


The show’s settings at the end of the 1970s in a heavily African American district of New York means its right in the melting pot of that early hip-hop scene – from block parties, to breakdancing, to rhyming to impress your friends (and the opposite sex).

There’s a lot of room for the show to grow from the world of disco balls and into the tales of DJ decks at this crucial turning point in pop culture.

Nas is an executive producer

Whilst Luhrmann is always more than capable of telling a story from any time, there is something extremely re-assuring about the site of Nas’ name on the credits for The Get Down.

Nas grew up in that era of New York and is undoubebtly one of the greatest tellers of the story of his generation. There’s a whole fountain of knowledge to tap into right there.

Gus Fring is back

Not content with being part of one of Netflix’s biggest hits to date, Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito is taking another roll of the dice with his role in The Get Down.

The actor features heavily in the latest trailer, as the uptight father refusing to let his daughter give up Gospel in favour of disco. Esposito is adding some serious acting chops to a very young cast.

The Get Down is set to hit Netflix on August 12


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