Black Mirror on Netflix revealed – and it sounds incredible
Black Mirror

Six brand new episodes of Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi techno-horror series Black Mirror will land on Netflix this October

Details of the fresh, standalone tales have started to emerge, and it’s all sounding very tantalising indeed.

Released on the streaming service on October 21, just in time for Halloween, the episodes boast top Hollywood talent both in front of and behind the camera, and promise the same razor-edged satire and gripping nightmare fuel.

Devilish variety

The subject-matter will take in everything from online rage to video games, with one episode offering a retro flavour due to its ’80s setting, another being a police procedural and another described as a “military story”.

Brooker has also summed up the Netflix instalments as “demented”, which bodes well for long-time fans of the twisted Twilight Zone-esque series, who may have feared it would lose its edge.

This is, lest we forget, a show that kicked off its very first episode with a story involving the UK Prime Minister having sex with a pig.

Major names

Black Mirror has featured some well-known faces in the past (e.g. Jon Hamm) as well as rising stars such as Domhnall Gleeson and Toby Kebbell, but the new batch shows off its glitziest cast yet.

Famous and acclaimed actors appearing in the new season include Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, James Norton, Kelly MacDonald and Game Of Thrones’ Jerome Flynn.

Bronn Gif

But it’s the people helming the episodes, meanwhile, who are arguably even more exciting. They include Atonement and Hanna director Joe Wright, and Eden Lake and The Woman In Black’s James Watkins.

Dan Trachtenberg, the man behind this year’s exceptional thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane, has directed the gaming-themed story ‘Playtest’.

Cloverfield Lane

For the uninitiated…

Black Mirror originally made its name on Channel 4, with a subversive, provocative take on the interplay between modern society and technology that was occasionally hilarious and frequently disturbing.

Something of a boon for fans of dark satire and offbeat sci-fi alike, its shift to Netflix spells a significant popular move for the cult creation.

You probably won’t want to miss it when this next batch of episodes arrive. Fans of Stranger Things will no doubt be looking forward to their latest genre fix.

All new Black Mirror will hit Netflix on October 21


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