Stranger Things: hit show’s soundtrack is ‘coming soon’
stranger things

Stranger Things is the new horror/sci-fi show that’s got us all watching – and soon we could be listening too.

It has been confirmed that the Netflix hit is releasing the official soundtrack for the show, which explores the disappearance of a boy in a small Indiana town in 1983.

We’ve already talked about the stellar work of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who created the show’s eerie John Carpenter-esque theme music.

The synth-based theme, matched with the quintessentially 1980s titles, will set off all kinds of nostalgic cues for anyone over the age of 30.

But another key ingredient of the musical character of the show is its inspired use of classic hits from acts like The Clash, Echo & The Bunnymen, Joy Division and – of course – Toto.

Netflix have already put together a Spotify playlist featuring all these tracks for your listening pleasure:

But an official soundtrack could be very special indeed, with the addition of the original music.

If you can’t wait until its release (and there’s no confirmed date yet), you can check out Dixon and Stein’s other project, S U R V I V E.

They have a new album called RR7349, due for release on September 30, and you can listen to a track below:


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