Stranger Things season two: eight questions we want answered
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Warning: this article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season one

If you’re still reading this then chances are you’ve made it to the end of episode eight of Stranger Things, a heady mix of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and horror movie tropes that’s one of the most enjoyable series Netflix has to offer.

While a second season has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, it’s almost certain that the positive buzz surrounding the Duffer Brothers’ series will lead to another run of episodes in a year or so.

In preparation, we’ve compiled a list of questions we still have about the series and that we’d like to see addressed by the writers…

1. Is Elle still alive?


We saw Elle (Millie Bobby Brown) disappear in a cloud of dead creature in the final episode, atomised and gone forever. But is she really dead? While she (potentially) died for the greater good, saving the lives of her new friends, it’d be a shame if that’s the last we see of her. The rules of the Upside Down are still vague, so perhaps she escaped into the other dimension, exhausted but alive? We can but hope.

2. Is Elle a clone?

Sticking with Elle for a moment, let’s consider that she’s also referred to as Eleven. Could that mean she’s the eleventh version of the same person, a clone created by Dr Brenner (Matthew Modine) as he slowly works his way through his experiment?

3. What’s happening to Will?

Just when we thought everything was going to be wrapped up neatly for the Byers family there was that scene in the bathroom, as Will (Noah Schnapp) vomited up a slimey snake monster thingy into the sink and had a vision of the Upside Down. Or was he momentarily transported back there? Will’s problems have only just begun, but can he be cured of the Upside Down “infection”?

4. What’s going on with the Chief and that box in the woods?

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Chief Hopper (David Harbour) may have done a deal with the devil (well, Dr Brenner) to ensure his and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) release from Hawkins Laboratory, but it clearly had more implications than we thought. Six months after Hopper got into the car with those Hawkins goons, we saw him head into the woods to deposit some food into a box. But who was it for? Another Upside Down creature? Elle? Something else entirely?

5. Will the Hawkins lab still be open for business?

Judging by Hopper’s agreement not to mention the involvement of Hawkins in the Will cover-up and his subsequent actions in the woods, it looks like the bad guys are still in business. Will they now get a new boss? Could Brenner end up looking like a good guy compared to his replacement?

6. When will Nancy and Jonathan become an item?

Stranger Things

The sort-of love triangle between Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Steve (Joe Keery) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) looked to be swinging in favour of a Nancy/Jonathan pairing for a while there, with Steve appearing to be a typical high school Jock. Just as we were starting to hate him, he suddenly turned into one of the goodish guys, winning back Nancy and leaving the troubled Jonathan to his photography. But should Nancy really be with Steve, or is Jonathan “the one”?

7. Can Stranger Things get any more 80s?

Filled with references to 80s films, books and general pop culture, it’s hard to believe Stranger Things could fit any more references in to a second run of episodes. Perhaps we’ll see more retro posters – anyone else want one of The Thing? – or the setting will jump ahead a year or so and more films will be mentioned.

8. When can we buy the fantastic soundtrack?

OK, this isn’t something the second series can answer, but surely one of the highlights of the series is the soundtrack, composed by Kyle Dixon and Micheal Stein. Thankfully this is one question we can begin to answer now, with the announcement from Netflix that the OST is “coming soon”. In the meantime, have a listen to the Spotify playlist of songs heard in the series and start counting down till we return to the world of Stranger Things.


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