Glenn Moore’s advice for first-time Fringe performers
glenn moore

Glenn Moore offers his advice to first-time performers at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

I’ll admit this: I’m no Fringe veteran. I’ve been up a handful of times, and am doing my debut solo show this year, but I’ve gathered enough information over the last few years in Edinburgh to give at least some advice to budding performers.

Now listen up:


There are burger stalls all over the centre of Edinburgh during the Fringe. They’re delicious, and cost just over £80 each.

This can be frankly unsustainable over the course of a month, so for nutrition, I instead opt for buying two mini pizzas.

Cook them and place them face-to-face on top of one another, forming a sort of pizza house, if you will. It’s been the closest I’ve come thus far to owning a property.


The moment your flyers are delivered, run them under the tap for a few minutes.

It’s an authentic Fringe experience to hand out soggy bits of paper on a rainy day at the Fringe – why should you miss out on that on a sunny day?

Environmental Concerns

There is a plentiful supply of bins across the city, to help dispose of any misshapen, rain-warped flyers.

But be warned: if you’re trying to dispose of your hot ashes, you will be hard-pressed to find a single suitable receptacle in the whole city. I’ve been carrying these hot ashes for weeks.

Sleeping Conditions

You’ll be sharing a flat in Edinburgh with, on average, 11 other people, so beds aren’t always an option. Try to take up any spare bit of space that you can, be it a kitchen, or hard enamel bath.

Be aware though, that whichever room you decide to sleep on the floor in, there will always be a loudly ticking clock. Even if it’s digital, it’ll be ticking loudly.

Observe these points to the letter, and you’ll inarguably have roughly the same experience that the overwhelming majority of performers will be having. And have fun.

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