Pokemon-Go update: everything you need to know
Pokemon Go

Niantic have released their first string of updates to everyone’s favourite augmented reality game Pokemon-Go and the majority of users are somewhat miffed by the changes.

Here’s a rundown of what’s changed and how it will affect your quest to catch ’em all.

Which features have been removed?

Big news first: the footprints feature that told users how far they were from a Pokemon (Probably a Drowzee) has been removed.

Now users will only be able to know what Pokemon are in the area and not how near they are. The feature had been buggy since the game’s inception and it seems that instead of fixing it, Niantic have opted to throw it away altogether.

Also removed is the Battery saver mode, meaning trainers will have to choose between playing the game or calling their loved ones before the battery inevitably drains.

No word just yet from Niantic on whether these two features will return or not.

Which features have been tweaked?

Trainers will now be allowed to personalise their avatars throughout the game rather than just at the start, allowing users to drape themselves in the colours of team Valor, Mystic or Instinct.

The strength of some Pokemon in battle has been adjusted meaning overpowered Pokemon won’t always be smugly standing on top of your local gym.

Scanning has also been altered and players will have to be a maximum of 70 metres from a Pokemon to have a chance of catching it, down from 100 metres.

Some users have also reported that actually catching Pokemon has become harder, suggesting that trainers will have to be more economical with their poke ball use.

Expect more cloud dusts as the Charmander you’ve spent hours searching for flees into oblivion.

What’s the reaction been like?

One user was damning of Niantic’s decision to scrap the footstep feature:

However another user thinks that Niantic needs to go further and remove common Pokemon…

Despite the bad news players are putting on a brave face…


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