JFK to Donald Trump: how The Simpsons has parodied politicians

Following The Simpsons’ skewering of presidential candidate Donald Trump, here’s a look back at how the show has treated past residents of the White House

US Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the latest politicians to be parodied in The Simpsons – and it’s fair to say that the Republican came off worse.

The animators hypothetically proposed that “it’s 3am and the phone’s ringing in the White House, who do you want to answer the phone?”

First up is Hillary, who is passed the phone by husband Bill.

“Oh it’s for you,” says the former president. “Yes from now on it’s always for me!” the Democrat nominee firmly responds.

Next up is Trump who is reading ‘Great speeches’ by Adolf Hitler. Ouch.

donald trump simpsons

Viewers then get a glance of Trump’s contact list, featuring Ivanka, Michelle Obama’s speechwriter and Vladimir Putin. Again, ouch.

Finally the Republican nominee rises from bed and is given a makeover by his team that includes a fake tan and the use of a poor dog as his toupee. Triple ouch.

Here are the most memorable presidential visits to Springfield over the years…

Bill Clinton

Clinton has appeared no fewer than 16 times on the Simpsons, perhaps most notably in Treehouse of Horror XII when his and Bob Dole’s bodies are taken over by aliens Kang and Kodos.

Watch The Simpsons hilariously mock the US two-party system in this classic clip.

George Bush Sr

Homer Simpson made one of his many enemies for life in the form of 41st President George Bush Senior.

In Two Bad Neighbours, Homer comes to blows with the former president, after the latter spanked Bart for shredding his precious memoirs. Throughout the episode Bush is ruthlessly ripped by The Simpsons writers for only serving one term.

John F. Kennedy

JFK has appeared six times on The Simpsons and is also a clear inspiration for Springfield mayor Joe Quimby.

The president’s televised debate with Richard Nixon was parodied in Duffless, as the two would be presidents took turns to promote Duff beer. Kennedy comes off more favourably then Nixon, who Homer claims has never had a Duff in his life.

Richard Nixon

Perhaps more well known for his appearances in Futurama, Nixon has also been given the Simpsons treatment a number of times.

The controversial US president briefly featured in Homer Goes to College, threatening Homer’s three nerdy friends who assisted him in kidnapping a rival college’s mascot pig, Sir Oinks-a-lot.

Jimmy Carter

Homer nearly felt the wrath of another president in E-I-E-I-D’oh, after calling Carter a ‘lazy bum’ for refusing to build the homeless Simpsons a house.

A duel nearly ensues, before Homer makes a quick getaway.

George Washington

The 1st president of the United States has been reimagined in the Simpsons yellow seven times, most famously being played by Ralph Wiggum in I Love Lisa.

The Simpsons also suggest that Washington had different ideas for the star spangled banner.

Barack Obama

Obama hasn’t appeared in a speaking role just yet, but in the build-up to the 2008 election Matt Groening & co showed Homer’s failed attempts to vote for the current president.


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