Sheffield is getting its own city-specific emojis
Sheffield Emojis

Ever tried to express something truly ‘Sheffield’ through your emoji keyboard, but found yourself settling for an aubergine instead?

Emoji creators Fanmoji are looking to launch the ‘Sheffmoji’ pack, with a number of stickers which are looking to sum up the great and good of the Steel City.

Emojis already included are the Bramall Lane sign, gravy pots, trams, the Antiques Quarter and even the old cooling towers.

You know, proper Sheffield things.

It’s not complete yet though, the creators are stilling looking for Sheffielders to vote on their final few additions, from notable streets (Ecclesall Road) to city specific phrases (“Gerroff!”).

There’s also a famous faces section, which gives you the option of Robin Hood, Nick Clegg or a Peak District rambler.

We feel like someone else has been cruelly overlooked…

More information on ‘Sheffmojis’ can be found at


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Main image: CC / Flickr / DncnH