Fringe shows you need to see: Sam Simmons: Not a People Person
sam simmons

Award winning comedian Sam Simmons makes a welcome return to Edinburgh, with the sublimely weird Not a People Person.

What is it?

Bizarrely funny gags, surreal sketches and inventive prop use led to Spaghetti for Breakfast being awarded the Fosters Best Comedy Show last year.

His new show Not a People Person‘s formula is much the same, packed with scenes only Simmons’ pleasantly deranged mind could devise.

Why should I see it?

A guarantee of going to a Simmons show is that your eyes will see something they haven’t seen before. Have you ever seen a man wheel on to stage wearing a karate outfit, roller-skates and prosthetic kangaroo claws? We didn’t think so.

The pace of the show keeps the audience on their toes, as Simmons speedily segues from one dream sequence to another. Covering every inch of the stage and making use of the peppering of obscure props, you can’t fault Simmons for his energy.

While the Australian is perhaps guilty of not properly setting up his jokes sometimes, the punchlines more often than not hit the mark. With topics ranging from a pug drowning in a Swedish backpack, to a Dignitas theme park in Amsterdam’s red light district, the shows unpredictability is perhaps its greatest strength.

Stand-out moment?

Simmons belting out The Star-Spangled Banner, half-naked while pretending to be a bald eagle. Undoubtedly the highlight of the show.

How can I see it?

Sam Simmons: Not a people person is at Underbelly Potterow (Venue 358) from 3-28 August at 8:15pm. Tickets available from

Anything else?

Sam studied zoology at university and had a dream of becoming a full-time zookeeper. In an interview with True To Me Too, Simmons revealed:

“I kind of had this weird option where I could go and do a radio show nationally in Australia or become a fully qualified keeper. I chose the comedy”

We’re glad he opted for comedy.

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