14 decisions to make at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Juliette Burton : Decision Time

Docu-comedian Juliette Burton runs her through her tips for a great Fringe

Juliette Burton has to make a *big* decision, as she chooses her own adventure in her new show Decision Time. Can one choice change a life? Can looking back help us move forward? It’s time to make some good life choices.

As for decisions you should take this August in Edinburgh, Burton has come up with 14 for everyone to consider.

1. Do get drunk

If you drink; just drunk enough to enjoy yourself. Don’t get so drunk that you throw up on stage over a performer.

2. Do sit at the front

It might seem scary but the more energy you give to the performer – whether big grins, engaged eyes or actual laughter – the more you’ll get from them.

3. Do follow the crowd

If a show is doing well, getting good reviews and numbers, it may be worth seeing. You might not only discover a great show but also a new friend! But sometimes…

4. Don’t follow the crowd

Just because a show isn’t getting big audiences doesn’t always mean it’s not awesome.

5. If you’re at a comedy show, do make the decision to laugh.

That is a decision that will benefit not only you but everyone around you, and to the performer you will be close to a Demigod.

6. Do plan ahead

Pick a handful of shows you really want to see, have heard good things about or perhaps read a really charismatic guest blog by the performer themselves (ahem).

7. Do take risks

You never know, that show you randomly decided to see at 1am because the flyer-er seemed nice might just blow your mind. Or not.

8. Do take recommendations

If you’re standing in the queue to see a show you’ve chosen to see, ask people around you what they’ve seen. They likely have similar taste to you. And you never know what new gem you might discover thanks to that chat. I saw Tape Face nearly a decade ago thanks to a random recommendation.

9. Do take time out

Edinburgh is so much more than the Fringe. Explore Stockbridge’s shops. Have brunch on Broughton Street. Visit the Leith Walk bars.

10. Do get some perspective

Fringe decisions seem small and insignificant from the top of a dormant volcano. Take a stroll up Arthur’s Seat to enjoy the views and the brief moment of calm before launching yourself back into the melting hot lava of Fringe fun.

11. Do stay well fed

Enjoy the non-dodgy fare Edinburgh has to offer. I’ve rarely made a good decision on an empty stomach. Try breakfast at Kilimanjaro.

12. Do decide to tweet lovely things about lovely shows

Not only is this great karma, it’s also just really good for performers’ fragile self-esteem.

13. Do go with your instincts

If something is telling you that you’d be a fool to miss out on that show you’ve just been enthusiastically flyered for then go with that feeling. Your own guts won’t let you down. Unless you do the next “don’t”…

14. Don’t eat a dodgy-looking haggis burger on the street at 2am

I speak from experience.

Whatever you decide, don’t feel any obligation to listen to advice from a guest blog on a website. A guest blog can’t make your choices for you. Make some mistakes, learn the fun way and choose your own Edinburgh Fringe adventure.

Aug 4-28: Juliette Burton: Decision Time, Gilded Balloon Teviot, EH8 9AJ / more info

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