This bar uses science to kill your phone signal
Gin Tub Brighton

Fancy a digital detox? A new cocktail bar in Brighton is utilising a scientific method to prevent customers from using their mobile phones on its premises

The Gin Tub in Hove has had a Faraday Cage fitted, meaning any incoming signals are blocked from entering the building.

Owner Steve Tyler has blamed social media for killing pubs, and so took it upon himself to build the cage into the walls and ceiling.

Given that a Faraday Cage can block this…

Faraday cage gif

…we imagine punters will be pretty safe from pesky mobile phone signals.

The reaction on Twitter suggests that many are in favour of the cage, sharing Tyler’s desire for people to remember how to socialise with each other, and “interact in the real world”.

Speaking to the BBC, Tyler said:

“The problem with mobiles is they insulate you from talking to other people.

“I want you to enjoy the experience of going out.”

Drinkers at the bar can still enjoy a good phone conversation though, as the tables feature old-style phones on which you can call for another round, or even chat to people on other tables.

While initial reactions from punters may be positive, the view from social media experts isn’t so bright – as they argue tactics like those of The Gin Tub may “isolate” the younger generation.

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