Fringe shows you need to see: David O’Doherty – Big Time
David O'Doherty

Armed with his keyboard, Irish comedian David O’Doherty returns for his 15th year on the Fringe, with his latest show Big Time.

What is it?

The 2008 Best Comedy Show Award winner O’Doherty tickles audiences with his whimsical songs, using piano skills that he picked up from a brief career as a jazz musician.

In his opening monologue, the self-styled “Ryanair Enya” claims that the show will offer hope to the audience during a troubled time on earth, before singing songs about miscellaneous Aldi products, hitting a girl named Jessie on the head with a taxi door (accidentally) and George Clooney trying to fix a dishwasher.

Few are able to do musical comedy as effortlessly as the cynical Dubliner.

Why should I see it?

O’Doherty doesn’t leave his audience waiting. Avoiding a grand off-stage introduction, he just strides on stage, picks up his trusty Yamaha keyboard and does what he does best.

While he has come a long way since his first Fringe show in 2001, you get the feeling that despite the change in the size of venues, O’Doherty hasn’t got ahead of himself (despite the show’s title) and treats his performances the same as he would have 15 years ago.

That being said he has decided to smarten up a tad, donning a tracksuit/tuxedo combo that he refers to as a Traxedo.

The Irishman’s ability to turn an everyday incident into an epic tale of Odyssean proportions is remarkable, most notably linking novelty candles to his great grandfather’s role in the Easter Rising.

While the comedian might not offer the genuine hope that he promises in his opening, he at least delivers a relatable and consistently hilarious distraction from all that is bad in the world.

Stand-out moment?

His tale of purchasing a two-speed Aldi leafblower despite not having a garden.

How can I see it?

David O’Doherty: Big Time is at Assembly Hall (Venue 35), from 5-28 August at 7:30pm. Tickets available from

Anything else?

David is also a children’s book writer, most recently releasing Danger Is Everywhere: A Handbook For Avoiding Danger.

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