Can Yorkshire’s Olympians beat their 2012 medal haul?
Nicola Adams

Four years ago in London, God’s Own County stood strong against adversity

Our athletes brought home enough Olympic medals to place Yorkshire 12th in the final tables if it were an independent nation – beating the likes of Brazil, Spain and South Africa – and it was a feat that didn’t go unnoticed.


Ah yes, it definitely feels good to be largely responsible for Britain’s Olympic success.

But after the heroics of Yorkshire’s athletes at London 2012, can they out-do themselves in sunny Rio?

Sure, it might seem hopeful, but with the heaps of talent we’re showcasing at the Brazilian games, why shouldn’t we be entering the velodrome, track and each and every arena with a little hope in our hearts?

Sean Bean poor gif

Boxing sensation Nicola Adams will be hoping to repeat her 2012 success, the now world famous Brownlee brothers have every chance of smashing the triathlon again, and despite her recent break from international competitions, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sheffield’s Jessica Ennis demolish the heptathlon.

Yorkshire went neck and neck with some of the world’s largest countries four years ago, and with the help of these mighty gladiators, we came out unscathed – holding a few golden postboxes under our arms.

There’s every chance that our troops can do it again, with new additions to Team GB’s winning ranks being touted as the next big thing (which is great for Yorkshirians, because it means we can wind up the southerners about their apparently flaccid sporting prowess and also give us another excuse to vie for independence).

Once we claim the Brazilian Olympic medal board to the tune of “Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at”, and prove once and for all the Yorkshire is the home of British sport (I know, who’d have thought?), then the rest of the world will have no choice but to grant us our due.

And then, it’s perfect tea and Yorkshire puddings all round for the rest of eternity.

Anyway, go Team Yorkshire!

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