Seven of the best takeaways in Leeds
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You can keep your diets

If we’re being honest, there’s literally nothing we like more than pigging out on a gigantic junk-food feast and falling asleep on the sofa.

But we have standards, especially when it comes to food, so here are the very best takeaways that you can find in Leeds, based on both quality and quantity.

Al Freshco

Though perhaps best known for their pizzas (we can recommend the spicy beef), if it’s a burger you’re after, complete with lightly toasted buns, crispy, fresh onion and the very best beef, then Al Freshco won’t disappoint you.

30 Woodsley Road, Leeds, LS3 1DT – more info

Bento King

Chinese food is hard to get right –  you either spend £4 on some egg fried rice that sticks to your fork, or £400 on a couple of chopsticks made of gold. Either way, you’re probably going to leave unhappy. You’ll not be dissatisfied if you order from Bento King, the undisputed king of Chinese takeaways in Leeds. The other week, our food came in eight minutes. Scenes.

10 Hyde Park Road, Leeds, LS6 1AF – more info


Practically a must stop on the way home for a night out for most students, Mahmoods takeaway has come leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Today, their cheap chicken burgers are nearing KFC levels of deliciousness, and we’re deadly serious.

194-196 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9DX – more info

Miah’s Kitchen

Striking a good balance between creamy kormas and mouth-melting masalas isn’t easy, but if Miah’s Kitchen can’t do it, nobody can. Less of a takeaway and more of a genuine restaurant, the place serves exquisite Indian cuisine and will deliver it all directly to your door. It’s slightly pricey, but well worth the money.

3 York Place, Leeds, LS1 2DR – more info

Boss Burgers

There are only a few Leeds takeaways that can challenge Al Freshco’s burgers, Hyde Park refuge Boss Burgers in one of them (there’s also a shop in Chapel Allerton). If they don’t already pride themselves on their ingredients, they really should, and we defy anyone to bite into a ‘boss burger’ without making the ‘mmm’ sound.

75 Brudenell Grove, Leeds, LS6 1HR – more info

Grove Cafe

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Curries, pizzas, kebabs, cake – we could go through the entirety of Grove Cafe’s menu if we wanted to. What we will say, is that the pizzas from this place are second to none, so if you’re looking for a new place to get your pie, this place will more than suffice.

133-135 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1JL – more info

Ecco Pizzeria

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is what you’ll be dining on if you choose Ecco Pizzeria as your daily diner, and it won’t be your regular pepperoni either (when I went there I had roast potatoes on my pizza).

Cooked in a stone oven right behind the counter, calling this place a ‘takeaway’ almost seems derogatory, because the quality of grub you’d usually associate with a fast food place is nowhere to be seen.

Flash your cash, and reap the rewards.


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