Seven rare Pokemon people are finding in Leeds
Pikachu Leeds Arcade

Pokemon Go has officially been out for a month now, and the level of competition has increased dramatically since launch

Nowadays you’d be hard pushed to find anyone boasting less than a 1000 combat level monster, and tackling those pesky gyms is getting harder and harder by the day.

Luckily, Leeds is chock-a-block with rare Pokemon, so if you’re lagging behind in the gaming craze, this guide to recent exciting finds and their locations should help…


Leeds’ sHyde Park has been known to get rather hairy and lairy after the lights have gone out, so if you happen to be strolling past late at night, and you see a Dragonite close by, hunt with caution!

We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that’s not going to stop many Pokemon masters though.


Electabuzz was substantially harder to find on the original Pokemon games, granted, but anybody who’s taken a walk through Leeds’ City Centre with the app open will tell you that it’s nowhere near as rare on Pokemon Go.


Low on Gastly candy? Everyone is in the same boat, apparently, but if you happen to stumble upon a Gengar on Town Hall steps, you’ll avoid the Gastly grind and earn some bragging rights in the process. Win win.


There have been multiple reports of a Blastoise spawning in the City Centre, and I personally managed to catch one on Victoria Road near the Burley Co-op.

Yes, I did just casually drop in the fact that I caught a Blastoise #AshKetchumEatYourHeartOut.


We cannot confirm the Dragonair spawns we’re afraid, but if you’re desperately trying to get your hands on a Dragonite, rounding up stray Dratini at Clarence Dock might prove a safer, less grueling and more friendly way of going about it.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime can’t apparently be captured anywhere outside of Europe, so grabbing one would definitely help you get one over on the whole #Brexit thing.

Rarer than a gym goer that doesn’t brag about it on social media, Beckett Park might be a good place to finally capture a Mr. Mime and stick it in a ball for the rest of its life.


Pokemon Go spawns creatures in their respective habitat (or at least it’s supposed to), so seeing as it’s an electric type Pokemon, Pikachu is supposed to appear close to power plants and urban areas.

Yeah, don’t you remember that massive power plant on St Paul’s Street? You must have missed it.

At any rate, Pikachu have reportedly spawned around that area, and as a bonus bit on insider knowledge, I caught one this morning at the Headingley station. Mum’s the word.


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Main image: Michael D Beckwith / Flickr / CC and Getty Images