The best comedy podcasters to see at the Fringe

Podcasts are an excellent way to get better acquainted with your comedy idols.

You get to know the person behind the act or some test characters for their show, while others simply talk about life in their own entertaining style, or interview other funny people.

Here are five top comedy podcasters coming to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Mark Watson

mark watson

A stuttering observational genius, Watson still leaves audiences in stitches with his neurotic self deprecating stand-up. His series of podcasts for BBC Radio 4 focus on the seven deadly sins, with Mark posing questions about humanity – witty and brilliant. Now one of the more established acts at this year’s Fringe, he will not disappoint.

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Glenn Wool


Wool is truly likeable, with an upbeat attitude on stage. However, this is merely a device he uses to deliver some of the most astute and darkest comedy you will ever hear. He teams up with friend and fellow comic Frankie Boyle to deliver an utterly hilarious podcast series. No soundtrack, jingle, or other nonsense, it’s recorded on a smartphone; at times the audio is below-par, but what you get are two comedy powerhouses sitting down and talking about the darker things in life.

Podcast / Fringe Show

Erin McGathy

Erin has an incredible way of making people relate to her plight, talking openly about marriage, divorce and her subsequent romantic failures – and the result is hilarious. In her massive range of podcasts alongside Wayne Federman they play games and get a little nutty. Love You Loudly lets the audience forget about their own problems – perfect escapism.

Podcast / Fringe show

Stuart Goldsmith

An extremely polished and well-rounded act, Goldsmith is a consummate professional who can attract a wide audience. His series of podcasts, The Comedian’s Comedian, is incredibly successful and it’s not difficult to see why. When wearing his interviewer’s hat, Stuart is intelligent without being overly knowing, asking the questions we want to know the answers to. His Fringe show, Compared to What, is doing a full run, so plenty of time to get tickets.

Podcast / Fringe show


Glaswegian internet sensation Limmy returns to the Fringe reading from his book Daft Wee Stories, followed by a Q&A session which gives fans a chance to interact with the inimitable comedian. His podcast series was highly experimental and explored several characters, who went on to feature in his TV series, Limmy’s Show. Needless to say, you can keep up with Limmy’s antics online: live streams, video game commentary, the lot.

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