Fringe shows you need to see: Rob Auton
rob auton

Awestruck Yorkshire comedian Rob Auton talks all things sleep in this enjoyably surreal hour of bumbling comedy.

What is it?

2013 Joke of the Fringe winner Rob Auton is less known for his one liners and better known for his humane and deep observations on everyday life. In previous years Auton’s shows have focused on; the colour yellow, the sky, faces and water.

This year, sleep comes under the wondering Yorkshire-man’s microscope, aided with his ‘Take a break from yourself’ magazine and his curious mind.

Why should I see it?

Rob Auton cuts the figure of an under-prepared best man with his shabby suit and rabbit caught in headlights facial expression, and it’s this lack of put on persona that sells him to the audience who have packed into Banshee Labyrinths Banqueting Hall.

The novice philosopher is amazed that we all have something in common in the form of sleep and he is determined to unite the audience further, encouraging a rendition of The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Dream On’.

‘How to sleep’ workshops, dream interpretations and a rousing speech on why we need to enjoy being awake more than we enjoy being asleep, make this hour of comedy worth every moment of your time.

Stand-out moment?

When Auton interprets audience members dreams.

How can I see it?

Rob Auton: The Sleep Show is at Banshee Labyrinth (Venue 156) from August 9-15 17-28 at 4pm. Tickets available from

Anything else?

When collecting donations at the end for his free show, Rob also sells his own artwork and collections of poems.

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