Fringe shows you need to see: Attrape Moi

The new face of Quebec’s circus, Flip Fabrique, dazzles with the hugely entertaining Attrape Moi.

What is it?

Attrape Moi translates from French to English as ‘Catch Me’, which could be refer to several features of this show; juggling balls, hula hoops and full-grown men are all caught in this hour of sheer fun, with every circus discipline you could hope for – and then some.

Why should I see it?

Quebec circus sextet Bruno, Christophe, Francis, Hugo, Jade and Jeremie are playful from the off, their exaggerated expressions and inventive prop use stealing laughs from the audience that some Fringe comedians could only dream of.

A race between the five men of the act to finish a freezing cold ice lolly has the audience in hysterics; the six members of the troupe proving that a circus act doesn’t necessarily need a clown to make spectators laugh.

The laughs are swapped for gasps as each member of the ensemble takes turns to wow the audience. Hugo swings  over the audience while Jade holds onto his head for dear life. Jeremie and Bruno have a diabolo-off that defies belief. Francis does tricks with a yoyo that would put even my nine year old self to shame. And finally Christophe throws himself off the faux-building that the production revolves around onto a trampoline before flipping his way back to where he started.

The group’s ability to perform death defying stunts with a smile on their face is what’s perhaps most remarkable about this show. Hours of rehearsals allow the show to seem off the cuff, even though it’s anything but.

Stand-out moment?

The “Trampowall” finale that saw Christophe and the rest of the gang miraculously leap from building to trampoline to building was unbelievable.

How can I see it?

Attrape Moi is at Assembly Hall (Venue 35), from August 8-29 at 6pm.Tickets available from

Anything else?

The group of six met at Ecole de Cirque de Quebec and are all good friends in real life.

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Main image: Joe Rondone