Fringe shows you need to see: Larry Dean
Larry Dean

Glaswegian comedian Larry Dean returns to the Fringe with the exhaustingly funny Farcissist.

What is it?

Dean was nominated for Fosters Best Newcomer of the year award in 2015 for Out Now! and it’s easy to see why with his witty, cheeky chappy brand of comedy in Farcissist.

The weegie takes the audience through his failed attempts to keep a boyfriend for a significant amount of time, painfully detailing the mistakes and oddballs he’s made and met on the way.

Why should I see it?

Larry Dean walks on to the stage with a bottle of Irn Bru and the audience waits to see if this is going to be another show laden with tired Scottish stereotypes. Thankfully, our fears are unfounded as a hyper Dean reels off refreshing material about his obssession with Elvis and his life as a gay man in Scotland.

Dean’s honesty is perhaps his most endearing trait, telling the audience about the stammer that sometimes plagues his shows, as well as his involvement in a fraud scam when he was younger, making light of both.

His honesty can at times leave the audience wincing though as he goes into great detail about prostate examinations, amongst other things.

Larry has been touted for big things and it’s his brutal honesty and humour that could see him follow in the footsteps of messrs Bridges, Boyle and Connolly.

Stand-out moment?

When he refers to himself as Christian Bale if he’d played Eminem in 8-Mile.

How can I see it?

Larry Dean: Farcissist is at Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), from August 3-28 at 7:15pm. Tickets available here.

Anything else?

Once the show has ended stay and listen to a young Larry Dean’s rendition of Elvis.

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