Game Of Thrones live tour announced – but it needs to come to the UK
Game Of Thrones guitar

Watch out Game Of Thrones fans – music is coming

A live concert tour showcasing the fantasy epic’s acclaimed soundtrack, and featuring a full orchestra, choir and giant screens, will hit 28 cities across the US next year.

There’s no word yet on UK dates though. To which we can only say: “Fix that right now Game Of Thrones chiefs!”

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Executive producers David Benioff and D.B Weiss have teased the experience, quite wonderfully, as an “eye-popping, ear-splitting, phantasmagoric blend of the show’s visuals and…powerful compositions”.

So expect this to be far more than a standard classical performance.

Describing the tour as an “immersive experience”, Game Of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi announced the shows just hours ago.

Only recently we were saluting Djawadi’s incredible work on the latest season of Game Of Thrones, and we can only imagine how powerful and thrilling some of his finest compositions will be in a live setting.

It’s not the first time a live event has combined music and fun visual elements of the popular saga though.

Rave Of Thrones, anybody?

There’s no word yet on whether we’ll be getting songs from Coldplay’s Game Of Thrones musical performed by the stars either, but a fan can dream.

Game Of Thrones musical

Here’s hoping the tour eventually worms its way to these shores anyway, much like Dany’s long overdue voyage to Westeros…


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