10 bizarre video games based on famous TV shows
Desperate Housewives The Game screenshot

The relationship between gaming and television continues to grow stronger and stronger by the day

This year has already seen games like Quantum Break meld the mediums together in new and exciting ways.

And now, fresh off the success of their Walking Dead and Game of Thrones interactive adventures, Telltale have recently been teasing a similar take on the popular Mr. Robot series:

But it hasn’t always been such an exciting time for the co-existence of video games and TV. And over the years there’s been a lot of odd games springing up from shows you wouldn’t have expected.

From bootleg oddities to weird official releases, here are 10 bizarre titles based on famous TV shows:

Sesame Street Fighter


Platform: PC

This neat little browser game gleefully mashes up American’s premier pre-school show with the violent takedowns of Street Fighter, all in the name of ICT skills.

That’s right. Instead of combos and special moves, the game instead asks that you type random words as quickly as possibly to take down your opponents.

Different characters determine the category of the words you’ll be faced with (Cookie Monster is animals, Grover is weather etc), and you can play it here.

Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!

home improvement power tool pursuit screenshot

Platform: SNES

Having little to do with the actual Home Improvement – the much loved, Tim Allen starring sitcom of the 90s – Power Tool Pursuit! isn’t some kind of crafting simulator where you meld components to complete DIY tasks.

No, it’s actually a platformer in which you use a variety of worktool inspired weapons, traversing deserts and temples, and fighting mummies, robots, and living musical notes. Because obviously.

The Office: The Video Game

the office the video game screenshot

Platform: PC

You know that boring job you work five days of the week? Well, what could be better than coming home from a long day at the office to do more of it?

Not only does The Office video game ask this of you, it also dresses it up in a hideously unmatched skin of the US version of the hit show.

To make office problems go away, you simply click, rinse and repeat. As tedious as that real 9 to 5.

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine

Iron Chef America Supreme Cuisine screenshot

Platform: Wii

Iron Chef America is one of those shows that could only exist in the States. Where we have The Great British Bakeoff, they have IRON CHEF!!

This motion-controlled game tasks you with cooking up a storm using the Wii remote, and its one redeeming feature seems to be the inclusion of actual Iron Chef cast members, most of which will be unfamiliar to a British audience.

All the fun of the kitchen, without the delicious meal at the end of it all.

The Sopranos: Road to Respect

the sopranos road to respect screenshot

Platform: PS2

“Hey, GTA is doing well, and The Sopranos‘ gangster dealings would fit right into that world” was probably what was going through the minds of developer 7 Studios when they made this 2006 abomination.

It appears to be the only thought they had too, with little to no effort spent on actually making the game any good – instead just dropping in licenced characters into a clone of the popular open-world franchise.

Dallas Quest


Platform: Commodore 64

The Dallas TV show famously revealed the entirety of its ninth season to be a dream taking place in the head of one of its characters.

That gives you some idea of the absurdity of it all, which was only ramped up by this 1984 stab at a video game version, which manages to be unintentionally hilarious and just plain weird.

You play as a private detective on a quest to find a map. Along the way you’re faced with random Dallas characters and terrible graphics (even for the time) that add up to a fairly nonsenical experience.

Desperate Housewives: The Game

Desperate Housewives The Game screenshot

Platform: PC

You know how you can create your own characters and locations in The Sims, and base them on your favourite TV shows if you so wish?

Well you might as well do that if you’re a Desperate Housewives fan, instead of buying this awful clone of that behemoth of a franchise.

Ethically dubious ‘missions’ (often involving stealing, cheating and lying) tarnish the whole thing, and some terrible game mechanics make this one unworthy of your time.

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm screenshot

Platform: PC

Admittedly, open ocean fishing is a lot more exciting that just sitting by the banks of a lake on a sunny afternoon.

But even so, no one asked for this game, which gave players flakey controls and extremely repetitive mini-games such a focus that it took away from the thrilling, sea-based title it could have been.

Lost: Via Domus

Lost Via Domus screenshot

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

For a bad licenced video game, you have to at least give Lost: Via Domus some credit for capturing the likeness of the show (including all the main players) and getting the original score on the soundtrack.

What isn’t so admirable are the boring and inconsequential missions, the repetitive puzzles and the horrible controls and camera issues. As mysterious as the show itself.

24: The Game

24 The Game screenshot

Platform: PS2

A game that gives you chance to play as Jack Bauer himself and run around the ultra-tense world of 24, gunning down goons? Sign us up!

Except, don’t sign us up for this version actually, which tries to meld shooting with driving and interrogation mini-games, and does none of it well.

The AI is just as thick as your ally, meaning that at least there’s some unintentional humour among the melee of infuriatingly sluggish controls and tedious gameplay. Sigh.


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