Fringe shows you need to see: Liam Withnail – True Defective
Liam Withnail

Liam Withnail talks candidly about dealing with some extremely personal issues in his first ever Fringe show, True Defective. Filled with laughs, it gets the audience thinking.

What is it?

Usually seen performing at The Stand in Edinburgh, Withnail has genuine warmth and a seemingly effortless ability to interact with his audience.

A wonderfully honest introspective look at alcoholism, with side splitting recollections of drunken lowlights and equally funny accounts of sobriety.

Why should I see it?

This years Edinburgh Fringe marks an important point in the life of Liam Withnail, as it’s one year since he last had a single drop of alcohol. I know, mental right?

True Defective has something for everyone: raucous tales of nights in Thailand, having a night off drinking which ended up in a 3-day drug fuelled bender but also the more sobering details of Liam’s recovery process, how he got help and “one hell of a deal on car insurance”.

This is by no means a self-help guide, it is comedy at its best – reflective and heartfelt without being in any way smug. With laughs at every turn, it is an awesome feel good show.

Stand-out moment?

Withnail draws a comparison between dating sober vs. dating when you are “on it” and he does not disappoint, with huge laughs from the audience as he talks about the immense awkwardness people feel when alone together, completely stone cold sober.

How can I see it?

Liam Withnail: True Defective, Beehive Inn Grassmarket from August 11-28 at 5:25pm. Part of the free Fringe (more info)

Anything else?

Liam Withnail, (real name Liam McDonnell) named himself after the drunken lead in 1987 Drama Withnail and I. On his stage name, Liam commented:

“It seemed perfect because we did the same things, that was me, I was a pisshead”

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