Is John Inverdale the real-life Alan Partridge?
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It may not have been particularly surprising to anyone who’s followed sports broadcaster John Inverdale for a while, but last night he dropped yet another career clanger

He congratulated Andy Murray for being the first person to win two gold medals in Olympic tennis, apparently blissfully unaware than Venus and Serena Williams currently hold eight between them.


A run of unfortunate foot in mouth moments in Inverdale’s career are starting to make him the real-life Alan Partridge. For example…

They’re both prone to the odd gaffe

Jurassic Park

It’s no secret that John Inverdale occasionally utters some unspeakable phrase live on air (see here), a trait that’s also quintessential to the world of Alan Partridge.

In actual fact, although Mr. Partridge is well known for saying absurdly unusual things, by accident or otherwise, live on air Alan seems less likely to commit a verbal blunder than Inverdale.

Their commentary can be equally hilarious

Remember Alan Partridge’s amazing stint as a football commentator? From the above clip, you see things can get equally weird when Inverdale gets behind the mic.

There’s something about tennis matches that seem to tie his tongue in knots. Sadly, there are no episodes of I’m Alan Partridge where the Norfolk-dwelling Lothario takes a trip to Wimbledon, although he does mention something about “monkey tennis” in the TV show.

Both Alan and John provide the world with amusing soundbites live on air.

They’ve both done some very odd interviews

We were treated to some pretty emotional interviews when the Olympic games came to London in 2012, and we’re not just talking about the athletes. After speaking to distraught silver medallists Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase at the London games, John Inverdale almost started balling his eyes out, making for an emotional, and slightly awkward, interview.

It’s definitely true that Alan Partridge has a knack for conducting some off-beat interviews himself.

From numerous farmers to a Simon Pegg and Noel Gallagher double bill and his awkward stint behind the scenes at the horse racing, Partridge has grilled a whole range of guests, culminating in some seriously weird interviews.

They’re not shy of a fall-out

Nobody knows the full story, for obvious reasons, but many have assumed that during this short interview with Steve Redgrave, he and Inverdale were having a quiet disagreement.

Thankfully, John manages to contain his rage when Redgrave pours umbrella water all over his head, but is this just the first step on his road to becoming a emotional unstable presenter, much like our friend, Alan Partridge?

Only time will tell, but when Inverdale starts wearing turtle necks and talking about the pedestrianisation of the Olympic village, we’re running for the hills.

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