The best sci-fi games on Xbox One
Doom big green gun

The gaming world is abuzz with talk of No Man’s Sky, the long-awaited space exploration sim that literally gives you a whole universe to discover

The bad news for Xbox One owners is that it’s a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, and is highly unlikely to ever make the jump to Microsoft’s platform.

But while you could splash out hundreds of pounds on a PS4 in your pursuit of technologically advanced planet hopping, you could just stick to your current console – and play these fantastic games instead.

Here are some absolutely terrific sci-fi experiences you can play right now on your Xbox One.

Gears Of Wars: Ultimate Edition


One of Microsoft’s most beloved IPs, Gears Of Wars is back later in the year with Gears Of War 4, but until then, get yourself aquainted with this remaster of the original, which celebrates its ten year anniversary in November.

Take on the role as Marcus Fenix and fight your way through the Locust horde, and see where one of the best franchises on the Xbox began.

The Solus Project


Imagine a more intense, focused take on No Man’s Sky‘s planet surface survival, and you essentially have The Solus Project, which strands the player on uncharted, alien planet Gliese-6143-C, and tasks you with staying alive as long as possible.

Forage alien plants, craft yourself shelters for safety, and see how long you can stick it out.

Halo 5

Halo 5 screenshot

343 Industries’ second foray into the Halo universe proper may have received some critisism for shifting the focus from the Master Chief to a relatively unknown bunch of spartans on his tail, but for Halo fans it’s still an essential piece of the puzzle.

Not many games deliver sprawling space epics quite like the Halo series.


Oxenfree 2

Before Stranger Things, there was Oxenfree. An alternative indie experience armed with real intrigue, this compelling adventure title emulates the whole ‘teenagers on a holiday gone wrong’ fad, but with some highly original touches.

There’s a slightly supernatural and surreal undertone to the game, and you’ll spend a lot of time trying to pick the right dialogue option, which opens up a multitude of various story possibilities. Beware of triangles.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break screenshot

Send time flying in whichever direction you wish – forwards, back or… diagonally? – in this big-budget mind-bender from Remedy, the esteemed studio behind Alan Wake and Max Payne.

One of Quantum Break‘s biggest selling points is the TV show woven in to the gameplay, which adapts to events and choices you make within the levels.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo The Master Chief Collection screenshot

Equally as essential is this amazing collection, which brings together all four main entries of the Halo series (the much underatted ODST is available as DLC), including remastered editions of the first two.

The superb multiplayer modes of all four come bundled too, and when you consider you can pick this up pretty cheap, it’s a must buy.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


Mirror’s Edge‘s transition from the tight, linear paths of the original to the open world metropolis of the City of Glass may have divided the critics, but as you free-run across the rooftops of the seemingly utopian setting (think clean lines and neon lights) you’ll feel a definite sense of calm fall upon you.

Until you take on the corporation defying missions, Catalyst‘s first-person free-running is strangely cathartic.

We Happy Few

we happy few game screenshot

You might not be traversing the galaxy or exploring alien planets, but We Happy Few‘s dystopian setting is total sci-fi.

In this procedurally generated world, you must escape a nightmarish city inhabited by citizens enslaved to a halluconagenic drug called Joy.

If you die, you start from square one, although the game’s random generation of its gameworld means no two playthroughs will be the same.


Doom big green gun

Not only does the much-praised new reboot of DOOM see you taking on hordes of demons on Mars (perfect sci-fi action fodder), it also takes things back to the old-skool; a must for anyone who’s become jaded by the modern crop of shooters.

It’s fast paced, it’s difficult and – most importantly – it’s a ton of fun to play, as foes explode in a shower of blood and your overpowered hero makes you feel like a genuine badass.


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