Fringe shows you need to see: Trainspotting
gavin ross in your face theatre

In Your Face Theatre return to the Fringe with their shockingly funny adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting.

What is it?

A fresh interpretation of one of Edinburgh’s most iconic stories. Drawing influence from both the book and the film, Trainspotting is an immersive experience where the cast will flirt with or threaten you as they try to navigate their crumbling lives. This play puts the audience directly inside the performance, breaching your personal space and creating genuine feelings of intimidation when Renton comes over for a ‘square go’.

Why should I see it?

It begins when we’re handed a glow stick by the event staff, who lead us into a room resembling a warehouse rave, complete with strobe lights and thumping club music from 20 years ago.

Trainspotting’s characters are already well gone on the dancefloor as you sit at the side, observing their goofy, pilled moves. The characters start to get wide with each other and the audience, engaging in ecstasy infused heart-to-hearts and random chat, unless you come across Begbie, who comes at you flailing a blade.

By chucking filthy sheets at grossed-out girls, splashing about in the worst toilet in Scotland, starting on ‘speccy gits’, the cast of this play take their adaptation to the extreme with their audience interaction. The emotionally volatile story of Leithers on skag is strengthened by a tight script that brings some of the book’s grittier scenes to life.

Stand-out moment?

It’s probably when I was manhandled by Alison, the junkie pal of the Trainspotting boys, but some of the monologues delivered by Francis Begbie are amazing, offering a little glimpse into the psychotic character.

How can I see it?

Trainspotting is at Assembly George Square Studios, August 15, 17-22, 24-29, ticket avaliable from

Anything else?

The theatre group involved in the production, In Your Face Theatre debuted the show in the second oldest theatre pub in the UK, the Kings Head Theatre.

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