Ben-Hur remake set to bomb spectacularly

The odds were never in the favour of this year’s ill-judged Ben-Hur remake

It’s following in the footsteps of one of the greatest historical movies ever made. It has no major A-Lister topping the cast list.

And, as we pointed out back in March when the first trailer landed, everything pointed to it being a cheesy sub-300 disaster full of “dodgy wigs, awkward delivery of badly-written dialogue, and oodles of distracting CGI”.

Not even Morgan Freeman in full-on ‘Oliver Reed in Gladiator‘ mode can save it, it seems.

Perhaps predictably, critics are already largely savaging the movie Stateside, where it gets released this week.

More worryingly for the film’s creators however, are estimates that it will open to a box office of just $15 million – on a production budget of $100 million. Ouch.

Still, at least the marketing spend was likely modest – given the fact that few cinema-goers seem to be aware that this movie even exists…

Ben-Hur is set to hit UK cinemas on September 7


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