Mary Lynn Rajskub talks 24, Gilmore Girls and Punch-Drunk Love
Mary Lynn Rajskub

One of the most recognisable faces at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe is LA based comedian and actress Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Her Fringe show, 24 Hours With Mary Lynn Rajskub, makes reference to the TV show she’s most associated with, and she acknowledges that it was a “very big part of [her] life”.

She spoke to Pete Carson at the WOW Wagon in the heart of the festival about her roles in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Punch-Drunk Love and Gilmore Girls.

You were in one of my favourite films, Punch-Drunk Love – how was it working on that?

“That’s a great one, a lot of people don’t know about that, you must be a very special person to know that!

“That was fantastic because it’s a Paul Thomas Anderson movie and I knew him from LA and he put me in his movie, he’s quite an amazing person to be around and I love Adam Sandler in that film.”

Were you disappointed he didn’t have any creative control in that film?

“Adam? I thought people were gonna be blown away by how good he was in the film because he plays that incredibly anxious guy with kind of a lot of issues. I thought that his performance had a lot of depth to it, that people were gonna love it when they saw it but the general public didn’t wanna see Adam doing that.”

punch-drunk love
Mary Lynn Rajskub alongside Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk Love

So you were on Gilmore Girls, did you have fun doing that?

“Yes, Amy Sherman-Palladino also knew me from the comedy scene, and I had a comedy act where my friend and I played guitar and we were called the ‘Girls Guitar Club’. But we were just learning and did it in front of an audience and were both comedians, so we talked through the whole thing and Amy had seen us doing that, and she asked me if I wanted to be a troubadour in the show.

“I only sang like two lines but I was still really nervous because I don’t do that very much, but it was a lot of fun. And I wore a plaid coat in it.”

Yeah, and you’re also in The Girlfriend Experience. I haven’t seen it but are you psyched that it’s got another season?

“Sure, I’m not gonna be part of the next season, they’re doing it like True Detective where each season is a standalone story, so I’m not sure if Riley is coming back for the second series.”

What was your worst job d’you think?

“I waited a lot of tables and one time I was staring off into space as a waitress and this woman said ‘what are you looking at me for?’ and she tried to start a fight with me. That was a low point as a waitress.”

But what about your worst acting job?

“I thought you meant worst job ever! I was in a pilot called Shasta McNasty where I played the roommate to these guys – this was years ago and the creator thought I was really funny but I got fired from the pilot.

“They replaced me, they made the woman roommate walk around in her underwear so I didn’t really fit in that role, I got booted.”

Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian in 24

Then there’s Gail the Snail in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Is that the big thing outside of 24 that people ask you about?

“Ah yeah it is and strangely enough I did one episode, well I did two episodes as Gail the Snail so it’s amazing that people know me from that.

“It’s pretty big, I love Gail the Snail, she’s so gross. I love that people love her – it’s exciting to me because I had to dig inside y’know. Inherently I’m not a gross person, I’m pretty adorable! So to look inside and find that, they kept saying ‘You gotta be disgusting! We need to throw salt on you!'”

Does anyone ever ask you about your character Chloe from Veronica’s Closet?

“No, nobody, never. Barely.”

24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub is on at Assembly George Square Studios 2 at 8.20pm, August 18-28. Tickets available from

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