Fringe shows you need to see: Mary Lynn Rajskub
Mary Lynn Rajskub

The actress from the FOX hit 24 and Starz show The Girlfriend Experience pokes fun at her most famous role in her UK stand-up debut : 24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub.

What is it?

Actess and comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub has being doing stand-up since the mid-90s, but her most prominent work was playing fan favourite Chloe on 24, which is so big she decided to incorporate it into her act.

In 24 Hours she delves into her experiences working on the biggest show on TV and what happens to your Emmy invitation after you go off the air. Getting back to her roots she starts doing comedy clubs again, but finds that it’s hard to transition after everybody now knows you as an ace computer hacker.

Why should I see it?

Rajskub is a relentlessly funny comedian, embracing the huge role that people associate her with while destroying the audience with her self-deprecating humour.

She talks about her ‘boys’, the husband and son she loves so dearly but can’t seem to connect with in any conventional way, and her low points, down and out by the side of the road in Nowhere, Illinois.

She uses physical comedy in ways that seem subtle yet explicit, demonstrating how conflicting it is to get medieval back treatments from an hot, enigmatic yoga instructor.

Rajskub talks so nonchalantly and compellingly about her SoCal problems that you almost feel like you’re there with her, avoiding the peppy school moms and breaking down in front of celebrities at awards shows.

Stand-out moment?

Rajskub clarifies that she is not actually a computer genius; what she actually typed all that time on 24 was confidence boosting compliments to herself. “Your hair looks really great today.”

How can I see it?

24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub is at Assembly George Square Studios 2 at 8.20pm, until 28 Aug. Tickets available from

Anything else?

Rajskub was part of a comedy music duo with Karen Kilgariff called Girls Guitar Club, which led to her role as a town troubadour in Gilmore Girls. She had previously played another character on the show, Kirk’s girlfriend in ‘a film by kirk’, arguably one of the shows finest moments.

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