Bill Murray caught stealing people’s chips (and it might not be the first time)
Bill Murray food

The world finally has proof that Bill Murray is messing with us

Ha ha! The game’s up Bill; you might have enjoyed your time blasting ghosts out of the sky, reliving a single day hundreds of times, and surviving a zombie apocalypse, but the fun and games has to end now that we have definitive proof of your devilish ways.

Bill Murray phew

Oh yes, the Ghostbusters star has been caught pinching a fan’s french fries right off the plate, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Images clearly show Murray taking the fries right off an unsuspecting diner’s plate, before devouring them right in front of the poor bloke.

Bill Murray stealing my friend’s fries!

Reddit user sonowthatimhere posted the pictures from Martha’s Vineyard Island Airport in Massachusetts, which seem to back up the legendary rumours of Murray’s fast food related mischief.

After all, this isn’t the first time the A-list actor has been accused of french fry theft.

For years, a story thought to be an urban legend had been doing the rounds; a fan claimed that Murray once came up to them in public, stole one of their fries in front of them, and whispered: “No one will ever believe you.”

Various versions had then cropped up around the web.

The story of Murray’s antics spread like wildfire, although the man himself gave very ambiguous answers when questioned about it in interviews.

Sorry Bill. Looks like you’ve finally been caught out.

Bill Murray not happy


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