PS4 Slim: everything we know so far
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An apparent PS4 Slim leak has raised some interesting questions

Sony’s newest iteration of their big-selling console has, unfortunately for them, been (allegedly) leaked online, and although some folk are skeptical about the legitimacy of the information, it definitely has our attention.

Pictures of the console were spotted on the auction site Gumtree, of all places, and at this point, the internet is buzzing with speculation on this shiny new version of the PlayStation 4.

Is it real? How powerful will it be? Does it look prettier than the last one?

Your all-important questions will be answered here.

This might well be real

It’d be easy to claim that these photographs of an apparently newly unboxed PlayStation 4 Slim are fake, but if you actually think about it, they seem highly plausible.

The official release date for the console has been set for later in September, according to Eurogamer, so we think it’s fairly conceivable that some lucky chancers could have gotten their hands on one slightly earlier than the intended date.

Additionally, Reddit users have pointed out that if these photos were merely pre-edited clickbait, then the machine would probably look sleeker and more suped-up in terms of design. Sorry Sony.

UPDATE: Eurogamer have now revealed that the PS4 Slim seen in the leaks is indeed real, via this new YouTube video:

It looks pretty basic

Shaking head Neil DeGrasse

While we definitely value substance over style when it comes to gaming machinery, we can’t help but mention how basic the console looks.

The Xbox One equivalent, which is already out, received praise for its sleek design, and we can’t help but notice that Sony’s counterpart seems rather dull by comparison.

Again, none of this will matter if it proves to be the superior machine, but still – it looks more like a piece of protective Styrofoam than a shiny new piece of gaming hardware.

The memory may not be what you’d hope for

This apparent version of the PS4 Slim has a measly 500GB of storage. And in these dark days of endless online updates, you’d be lucky to get half a DLC package onto that.

In comparison, the Microsoft’s Xbox One S had a version that initially launched with 2TB of hard drive space, with cheaper options with varying memory limits launching later.

We can only hope that Sony haven’t neglected the hard drive space, for the sake of your game library.

The cost is unclear right now

Shut up I'm rich

We don’t yet know exactly how many pounds sterling Sony are going to ask for, but Microsoft’s Xbox One S landed at around £350, so if we had to put money on it, we’d say it’ll cost about the same.

If speculation is to be believed however, and the new thinner PlayStation will be released with only 500GB of memory space, Sony may take advantage of the opportunity to snatch some custom off their competitor by lowering the price.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one.

It could be redundant very soon

While many are going ballistic on social media over this news, there are a large portion of people who seem less than ecstatic.

And who can blame them, when both Sony and Microsoft both have brand new, more powerful consoles in the pipeline anyway?



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