10 weirdest moments from the Rio Olympics
Usain Bolt dancing in Rio getty

It was an unforgettable Olympics. And not just because of Team GB’s astonishing haul

Now the torch has been handed over, and the President of Japan has dressed up as Super Mario, we can all say goodbye to the Olympics for four more years.

Having said that, the Rio Olympics might be harder to forget than most, because there were some pretty weird occurrences. And luckily for us, they were all televised.

10. David Katoatau had some serious moves

Hey, he might never get another chance to do that. Fair play, David.

9. The OAP gymnast wowed us all

Admit it: you thought it was an old man at first. Ah, don’t try and deny it, you definitely thought it was an old man at first.

8. LV Bin mistakenly thought he’d won

This is one of the most heartbreaking things we’ve ever seen live on TV. LV Bin going full Zoolander does not make us feel better about beating China in the final medal table.

7. Risako Kuwai body slammed her coach

Maybe she was just so excited that she simply couldn’t stop wrestling. Now that’s passion for you.

6. The BBC’s broadcast was invaded by a hen party

Thank god it was a Brazilian hen do and not a British one – imagine the scenes.

5. The Olympic pool turned green

We don’t know what Tom Daley’s talking about; we think green suits the occasion perfectly. How about from now on we have a different coloured pool at every Olympic games?

4. Mongolian wrestlers did the Full Monty

To be fair, if you’re wanting to protest against an Olympic judge, stripping off live on TV and refusing to move isn’t a bad way to do it.

3. Usain Bolt started a conga

That’s Usain Bolt before he even struck gold, just having a little pre-Olympic glory dance and casually tweeting about it. No biggie.

2. Michael Phelps got especially serious

It’s fair to say that Phelps was taking his Olympic participation more seriously than most athletes – he looks like he’s about to charge down a hoard of Mordor orcs with his Rohirrim pals, never mind swim in some green water.

1. Mario warped in

Words can’t describe how strange it was to see the Prime Minister of Japan dressed as Super Mario popping up through a warp pipe, but this was the cherry on the cake of a very weird (and wonderful) Olympic games.


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