Mads Mikkelsen might be making a big budget video game in Sheffield
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Death Stranding is the eagerly-anticipated new video game from the man behind Metal Gear Solid. And it’s currently being made in… Sheffield?

That’s according to one die hard Mads Mikkelsen fan, who shared his encounter with the Hannibal and Casino Royale actor on social media yesterday.

User jmerskine1 posted a photo of him and Mikkelsen to Instagram, explaining to perplexed followers in the comments section that the movie star was: “In Sheffield” and “working on a video game”.

Met this #maneater yesterday #punintended #banter #lechiffre #haniballecter #madsmikkelsen

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Not much to go on right?

Well, earlier on in the day, Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima – the gaming legend behind the Metal Gear Solid series – tweeted a blurry photograph of ongoing production, with the caption “Adjusting”, insinuating that he was in the process of capturing footage.

And it just so happens that the figure in shot of Kojima’s blurry photograph is wearing exactly the same clothing as Mads Mikkelsen is on the fan’s snap.

The plot thickens.

As if this wasn’t enough proof, Kojima also tweeted out his respect for Mikkelsen by declaring that he was: “his favourite actor” back in January.

From this information we can theorise two things: one, Mads Mikkelsen may well play a large part in Kojima’s Death Stranding, hopefully as some kind of fiendish villain (come on, it’s what he does best).

And two, the game could be set (or at least largely created) in… Sheffield?

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Watch the reveal trailer for Death Stranding here:


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