The Departed is returning as a TV series: everything we know so far

Martin Scorsese‘s The Departed was one of the best films of 2006, and now – ten years on – it’s coming back on the small screen

The drama won four of the five Oscars it was nominated for (including Best Picture and Best Director), and goes down as one of the best crime films in recent years. Now it’s being rebooted in TV series format for Amazon Prime.

Fans of the original (and crime dramas in general) will no doubt be thrilled to hear the news, and while information on the project might be thin, here’s what we do know.

It’s not a direct sequel


The original film (itself a remake of a Hong Kong thriller) was set in Boston, and told the story of Mob boss Francis “Frank” Costello, who sends Matt Damon’s Colin Sullivan to infiltrate the Massachusetts State Police, while cop Leonardo DiCaprio goes undercover in Costello’s mob.

The tale of double deception and deceit was gripping from start to end, with twists at every turn, but it seems the TV series won’t necessarily be continuing on from those events. Though it will still feature plenty of duplicity.

The series will reportedly be set in present-day Chicago, with a young cop going undercover to inflitrate a Latino crime gang, who have their own inside man undercover in the police force.

The original production companies are behind it


While the project is being made through Amazon Studios, the original film’s production companies are also onboard. Vertigo Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group and Plan B Entertainment are all backing the production, so you can be sure they won’t let the show stray too far from the source material, at least thematically.

The film’s producer Graham King, and the movie’s executive producer – Vertigo founder Roy Lee – are both playing their parts in bringing the series to screens.

We might not see any of the original cast involved


Though those production companies are behind the whole thing, it’s unlikely we’ll see anyone from the 2006 movie make an appearance on the cast list.

No names have been officially announced for the show at the time of writing, and it’s set in a new location with brand new characters.

Its writer is due a break

Jason Richman is reportedly penning the series, and he has form in police and crime shows already.

He penned Detroit 1-8-7, a cop show that takes a look at the titular city’s Homicide Unit, as well as Lucky 7.

Unfortunately both shows were prematurely cancelled, but his style seems a good fit for the material.

It’s an interesting development for Amazon


While behind the scenes deals don’t make for the most exciting news, the ins and outs of how The Departed show came to be are intriguing, and point towards a whole load of exciting projects down the road.

The series marks Warner Bros. TV’s first major sale to Amazon, which stems from a two-year deal between Vertigo and Warner Bros.

It’s the first series adaptation to be given the green light as part of that deal, and suggests we could be seeing more small screen versions of Vertigo films coming our way.

Looking through the company’s filmography, there’s certainly a few movies we’d like to see make their way to a television format (The Grudge anyone?).


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