British Burger Guide: the best and meatiest eateries in the UK
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The burger revolution currently has the UK in its grips and doesn’t look like letting go anytime soon.

Never before has it been so easy to find a burger near you, offering authentic meaty alternatives to the fast food outlets.

The big question these days is ‘where do you start?’. Fortunately, we’ve got a wealth of burger experts on hand across the country.

Happy eating.


Filthy Cow burger Manchester - Twitter

Hot on the heels of London, the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ has certainly lived up to that name in terms of its burger offerings. From the formidable ‘challenge burgers’ of Solita to the quirky cheeseburger toastie at Home Sweet Home.

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Steak Cattle and Roll Glasgow Mammoth Burger

Glasgow’s love for burgers is no secret, and nearly ever major block of the city centre now boasts a busting restaurant.

Having got the basics right, the city has long since moved into interesting hybrids – like the Korean-meets-American offerings at Kimchi Cult or the calorie-filled doughnut burger at The Crafty Pig.

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Boozy Cow burgers

Maybe not quite as fast as their friendly rivals in the West in picking up on the burger trend, but Edinburgh is definitely making up for lost time. In fact, many Glasgow eateries have made their way to the Scottish capital in the last few years and have found an audience hungry for burgers.

That’s not to say the Edinburgh restaurants can’t hold their own, with the Scran & Scallie and Burger being more than impressive.

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A city with a student population as large as Leeds’ was never going to struggle with bums on seats at burger restaurants. Leeds has a number of diverse offerings when it comes to the menu, but many put the emphasis on making their burgers as stacked as possible.

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Maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing, but Sheffield shows a similar commitment to Leeds when it comes to large and meaty indulgences.

However, the Steel City does have a few unique offerings too, including the black-bun of the Kiwi burger from Tamper as well as the turkey rasher food challenge from Sa-Ha Steak.

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The Capital has been streets ahead of the UK on jumping on the burger trend and has since developed a plethora of offerings.

There’s high-end burgers, street-food favourites and even breakfast versions all now available across London, and many are well worth roaming the Tube for.

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The Welsh Capital is up against tough competition from its UK counterparts, but has enough to stay in the conversation. From the local’s favourite Urban Tap House and their inventive menu, to the gloriously indulgent platefuls from Burger & Lobster – there’s plenty of options to choose from.

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Fat Hippo Burger -Fat Hippo Jesmond

You’ve got to respect a city which has taken a restaurant called ‘Fat Hippo’ to their heart, and Newcastle is just that kind of place.

While there are many options for a comfortable evening out, ‘The Toon’ has a certain love for food challenges and diet-busting meat mountains. From stacked meaty burgers served in dustbin lids at Obsbornes, to a burger ominously named ‘Godzilla’.

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Another city in the west which has taken the burger revolution to heart, Bristol has plenty of eateries which do the burger justice, as well as more than a few who have played around with the format – including the Krispy Kreme burger from YoYo.

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Although within a quick train journey of London, the seaside city of Brighton has its own flavour when it comes to burger offerings.

With quirky venues such as neon covered MEATliquor, as well as the cheap and cheerful Grubbs, the city hasn’t quite been lured in by the big chains of its metropolitan neighbour, and is all the better for it.

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Portsmouth Burgers Jags@119 Burger

Pompey offers the best of both worlds when it comes to burgers.

If you’re down for something quick and dirty, then Mick’s Monster Burgers on Portsdown Hill is an infamous city pleasure. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, then the stuffed mushroom burger from Southside Beach Cafe is just as good as the real thing.

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