Liam Gallagher’s solo album: what we know so far
liam gallagher

Liam Gallagher is coming back with his first music in two years: a new solo album

The former Oasis frontman has penned a major deal with Warner Bros. Records for the new LP, with the label’s UK president Phil Christie saying: “The album he’s currently recording is big, bold and heartfelt, and it feels important and culturally relevant.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the new album:

He’s gone back on his word

Earlier in the year, Gallagher assured fans that he wasn’t planning on going solo, despite hinting at working on new material.

In January he tweeted a rather inflammatory shooting down of the idea. The tweet seemed to be unprovoked, though could have been a delayed reaction to brother Noel’s suggestions that Liam should follow the same post-Oasis path and go solo.

Liam ruled out the possibility, saying in no uncertain terms “I’m not a c***”.


It will be out in 2017

While there’s been no word on an exact date for the record’s release, Liam has stated that it’ll be out “next year”, with the deal to Warner Bros. seemingly confirming this.

He’s got some new musical pals

Well, it’s not Beady Eye that’s for sure. Liam’s post-Oasis project has been put on the shelf for the foreseeable future, and a new bunch of musicians seems to have joined him for the crafting of this new record.

He told Q Magazine he was recording it with “two lads I know”, and that the set-up will be a no frills affair:

“One’s a multi-instrumentalist and he can play anything. Not that there’s much to play on these songs. One guitar, acoustic. One guitar, electric. Drum kit, keyboard about that big [measures out 12 inches between his hands].

“That’s your lot. Proper sparse, really pumping. How it should be. We’ve demoed some songs…”

Good to see a return from the classic guitars, drums and modest keyboard band set-up.

Beady Eye

Don’t call it a solo career

It seems Liam is keen to point out that this is far from the start of a fully fledged solo career, despite the fact he’s written the songs, has distanced himself from his previous Beady Eye project, and doesn’t seem to be working under any name other than his own.

He told Q: “I am not embarking on a solo ‘career’, everyone should know that. There are just 10, 11 songs I’ve written that are eligible to be recorded.”

He calls it “chin-out” music

No, we’re not sure what that means either, but when pushed on just what the new record would sound like, Gallagher said:

“They’ve got flair, attitude, the melodies are sick and the words are f***ing funny. We’ll record them this year and release it next year. It’ll shock people.

“It’s a record written by me, that’s got all the right ingredients and sounds well tasty. You won’t be scratching your chin. It’s not Pink Floyd and it ain’t Radiohead. It’s chin-out music.”

Beady Eye

He sees the irony in it all

Or so it would seem… A tongue-in-cheek tweet from Gallagher today simply states: “It’s official I’m a c***”.


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