14 photos that perfectly sum up the Leeds Festival spirit
Leeds Festival crowd

It was another classic Leeds Festival this weekend.

Cracking rock bands. Ankle-deep mud. And a Red Hot Chili Pepper just hanging out on a train station platform.

Music photographer Anthony Longstaff was along to capture the highs and lows of this year’s event for the average attendee – summing up the spirit of the fest in picture form.

1. There will be mud

Leeds Festival mud

2. So it’s good to embrace it

Leeds Fest mud

3. But not too much…

Mud crowd

4. Rain is inevitable

Rain Leeds Festival

5. Not everyone can handle it

Rain Leeds festival

6. But ingenious solutions are at hand

Leeds Festival umbrella hat

7. Fancy dress can be versatile

Fancy dress Leeds Festival

8. Or co-ordinated

Leeds Festival fancy dress

9. Novelty T-Shirt and cross-dressing = standard

Leeds Festival crowd

10. Beer makes everything great

Leeds Festival beer

11. Celebrate those rare sunny spells by saluting the heavens from on high

main stage crowd (2)

12. Or playing a game of swingball

swing ball

13. Amazing atmosphere inside the BBC 1Xtra tent

Leeds Festival

14. And the view of the main stage – just gorgeous

Leeds Festival main stage


Red Hot Chili Pepper snapped at Leeds Train Station

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