Who is responsible for this deep fried Tunnock’s teacake?
Deep fried Tunnock's

Glasgow, we need to discuss that this could possibly be on a menu somewhere in the city

Little is known about this particularly lethal menu option, but it first came to our attention with a picture from Twitter user @_David_Patrick_ – who flagged up the possibility of a Tunnock’s Teacake thrown in the deep fryer:

Oh my.

The reaction

The news of the ‘Tunnock’s crunch’ originally appeared on the Glasgow Reddit page thanks to user PeteWTF, and people were ultimately confused about what to think:


“F**k me, that looks like all of the unhealthy deliciousness I look for in food”

“I’ll be here in the corner, crying.”

Possible culprits

A quick search of Google suggests that no Glasgow foodie outlet is openly laying claim to this Franken-food. However, lifestyle blog Domestic Sluttery put together a recipe for a deep fried Tunnock’s as a Burns Night tribute.

“…we thought we’d try to give them the same treatment as we’ve heard is meeted out to Mars Bars, pizzas and other delicacies in Scotland. By far, the tea cake is the victor.”

We’ll be the judge of that, guys.

Further scouting found that The Redhurst Hotel, a hotel and bar based in Giffnock offers a high end version as part of their dessert menu, labelling it as a ‘doughnut fried Tunnock’s snowball’ which comes with ‘strawberry coulis and vanilla ice cream’.

But this looks a little too well prepared, compared to the slightly lonely battered teacake.

The mystery goes on.

If you know who is serving deep-fried Tunnock’s Teacakes, then contact us on Twitter at @WOW247Glasgow or comment on our Facebook Page

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Main image: Twitter / @_David_Patrick_