What’s it like behind the scenes of a TV soap?
The Woolpack mini

It’s graced our screens for more than 40 years, so stepping behind the scenes of soap opera Emmerdale for ourselves was more than a little surreal

The Emmerdale Studio Experience (a new interactive tour from Continuum Attractions) opened last weekend and we headed along for a sneak peek with – admittedly – some trepidation.

Let’s just say we weren’t expecting much at first. In our experience, these soap opera set recreations generally consist of a drawn out hour spent walking around a slightly rickety replica of the show’s signature pub.

Fortunately though, The Emmerdale Studio Experience in Leeds does much more than plonk you in the Woolpack with a fake pint of bitter – although die hard fans of the programme will be glad to hear the iconic drinking den is open for exploration.

What is it?

Paddy's House

Jordan Sims

The experience definitely caters to long-time fans of Emmerdale, giving them the chance to take a closer look at some of the show’s iconic sets.

The eagle-eyed soap addicts among you will probably have already noticed that the picture above looks suspiciously similar to Paddy’s house in Emmerdale, but don’t worry, we haven’t broken into the lovable veterinarian’s abode. This is one of the set recreations on the way around the exhibition, and we’ve been assured that every single recreation has been perfected down to the last detail.

On top of that, the tour gives some detailed information about the production of the show, making it the perfect place for anyone thinking about going into the world of TV. During the tour, punters can leap onto Paddy’s sofa (we’re sure he won’t mind) and record your very own scene.

Paddy daft

Would I enjoy it?

The Woolpack mini
Jordan Sims

In all honesty – yes. For loving fans, the Emmerdale Experience is a trip behind the scenes of their favourite soap opera, and for everyone else, it’s a one-off glimpse into life behind a camera.

The exhibitions – although mostly Emmerdale oriented – show the production side of the show. You’ll even take a walk through authentic cast dressing rooms with genuine memorabilia dotted around the desks.

We enjoyed trying our hand at lighting up one of the show’s sets and operating a camera to film the Dingle’s living room. These interactive and in-depth elements made the tour stand out, and anyone itching to work in the technical side of TV is bound to relish this hands-on opportunity.

Should I go?

And the dales are delighted

As you’d expect, the tickets are pretty pricey. We can’t condone the high cost, but if you’re thinking about getting into the television industry (or even the entertainment industry in general) we’d say it might be worth paying out to learn the basics.

If you’re an Emmerdale superfan, you’re almost guaranteed to be in ecstasy over the level of detail Continuum have put into this attraction.

And if neither of the above apply to you, we promise you’ll still have a decent time if someone insists on dragging you along.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience, 27 Burley Road, Leeds, LS3 1JT – emmerdalestudioexperience.co.uk


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