Peep Show’s Super Hans is coming to a venue near you

Super Hans – the drug addled, outspoken recurring sidekick of cult comedy Peep Show – has just announced a full UK tour, and he’s coming to a city near you

Fresh off the back of storming Glastonbury and Leeds Festival earlier in the year, actor Matt King has announced a full-blown, nationwide tour for his character.

The ‘Alive’ tour begins in Sheffield on October 13, winds its way through Newcastle, Manchester and other UK cities, before wrapping up in Stoke-on-Trent on October 28. It will see Super Hans performing a DJ set each night.

The full tour dates are at the bottom of this post.

The October tour seems perfectly suited to Freshers making their first tentative steps at university. If you’re still wondering what to expect from a Super Hans’ DJ set, the NME‘s review of his Glastonbury appearance said:

“The hour long set is far better than an actual Super Hans DJ set would be. Instead of earbleeding techno and gabba, we get Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’, Blur’s ‘Girls and Boys’, Snap’s ‘I’ve Got The Power’ and a man on the side of the stage in a South American poncho and straw hat shaking a maraca and nodding his head.

“A man, we can only assume is the sunglasses-and-suit wearing Hans’ drug dealer. It’s neither big nor clever, but it is a whole lot of fun.”

The full tour dates are as follows:

For tickets to Super Hans’ first full UK tour, head to Super


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