Yorkshire Games Festival announces big name line-up

The first ever Yorkshire Games Festival will take place in November

The festival takes place November 9 – 13, 2016 at the National Media Museum in Bradford, and aims to bring together leading names in the video game industry both past and present, as well as allowing gamers hands-on time with exciting upcoming titles.

Gaming icons

Star names on the bill include leading designers John and Brenda Romero, who can claim Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake and Jagged Alliance among their past triumphs.

Rhianna Pratchett, who has recently found acclaim as the writer for the new Tomb Raider games, will also be in attendance, as will Charles Cecil, a man who revolutionised the point ‘n’ click genre with the Broken Sword series.

Elsewhere, Warren Spector will be on hand via live video link from the USA to discuss his role in creating the Deus Ex series.

Rhianna Pratchett – image via Getty

Gaming heritage

The Festival will also be taking a look at the gaming heritage of Yorkshire – a surprisingly rich one it must be said – including a 21st anniversary celebration of the Worms series, created by Wakefield’s Team17.

Other Yorkshire-based developers will also be in attendance, including Sheffield’s Sumo Digital – who bring their brand new title Snake Pass to the festival to explore game development from conception to completion.

worms wmd screenshot featured

‘Family weekend’

The festival also boasts a Family Weekend event, which in this inaugural year is headlined by Caff, HeyChrissa and Hanna Rutherford, all presenters on the highly popular Yogscast YouTube and Twitch network.

They’ll be answering questions, playing games live on stage and sticking around to meet fans too.

And there’s more…

Mini-NES official image

Perhaps one of the most exciting events announced so far for the festival is DJ Yoda Goes to the Arcades: A History of Gaming. It’s described asan audio visual culture clash”, in which the London DJ takes a look at some of the most fondly remembered games from yesteryear.

For full information on the event, which also includes hands-on time with the new NES Classic console, Pokémon themed events, and play-time with all manner of upcoming titles, head to the festival’s official website.

Yorkshire Games Festival takes place November 9 – 13 at the National Media Museum, Bradford


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