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Advertising and sponsorship opportunities on WOW247

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities on WOW247

WOW247 is a platform built to bring people closer to the things they love, things like your event or company brand. With the WOW247 audience visiting every minute of the day, you can be seen by a range of people looking to find out what’s on, searching for things to do and exploring the entertainment world around them; you will also be seen by bloggers and social network influencers which can help raise awareness of your brand.

We’re part of Johnston Press, the publisher of 200+ local newspapers and websites, including The Scotsman and The Yorkshire Post, so we’re a recognised brand proud to serve audiences and communities across the UK.

Our audience are active, enthusiastic about life and passionate about WOW and our take on the world. Let us help you connect with them.

Our available products

Event listings

A standard listing is absolutely free – and you can set one up right here

But if you’re looking for extra exposure, one of our broadcast listings does more to spread the word about your event.

  • Attract our passionate entertainment audience with a WOW247 listing
  • Push your event out to our associate websites (up to 40 of them)
  • Depending on the package you choose, receive performance data to show you just how many people have seen your event and where they’ve seen it

Prices start at £10 + VAT, but you can grab a bargain if you buy a bundle.

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Online display advertising

Our site offers some prime real estate where your message can feel right at home. We offer a wide range of options to suit your brand and budget, including:

  • Billboards
  • Leaderboards
  • MPUs
  • Full homepage takeovers
  • Plus more

Prices start at £16 CPM (per thousand impressions) + VAT.


Native or sponsored content

You don’t need to limit your message to a quick-hit headline. Instead, an editorial feature page (also known as sponsored or native content) offers an alternate way to promote your event or company. We’ll write an article on your behalf, designed to sit alongside our own content but clearly sponsored by your brand, to help you reach a really engaged audience.

  • You’ll receive a 200 to 300 word article
  • Designed to sit alongside our content but clearly sponsored by your brand
  • Includes images and links to your site or social media pages
  • Stays live for up to a year giving you long-term exposure

Prices start from £300 + VAT per month.



There are exclusive spots across WOW247’s website that connect your message and brand with our audience, giving you greater brand endorsement.

  • Reach the audience you need with branding on our website homepage, on feature article pages or even our weekly e-newsletter
  • Allows you to reach the widest possible national crowd
  • Or, helps you find the specific audience you’re looking for

Prices start from £200 + VAT per month.


Discuss your needs with our friendly team