8 ridiculous Oscar snubs this year

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The Oscar nominations for 2014 have been announced – and as well as some surprise inclusions, there have also been some shocking omissions.

In a year where even Jackass has been shortlisted for a gong, we ask how on earth the following could have been excluded from consideration.

Captain Phillips review

Tom Hanks should have been nominated for ‘Best Actor’

Something of an Oscar favourite over the years, it seems bizarre that Hanks should miss out in 2014 when he’s just delivered one of the knock-out performances of his career. As we asserted in our glowing review of tense hijack drama Captain Phillips, the popular actor “connects us to the events on an emotional and very human level – there are no false heroics or big movie star moments”.

Perhaps his performance was too understated for the Academy…

Paul Greengrass should have been nominated for ‘Best Director’

…and that leads us on nicely to another glaring omission from the honours list. For some reason Greengrass has also been booted out of contention; despite delivering arguably his most nail-biting cinematic experience yet in a career built on nail-biting cinematic experiences. We argued that the director delivered “a masterclass in raw, in-the-moment filmmaking”. Apparently not everyone agreed.

Daniel Bruhl should have been nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actor’

F1 biopic Rush has been criminally overlooked altogether by the Academy. But Bruhl’s absence is definitely the cruelest blow given the absolutely extraordinary conviction, power and subtlety of his turn as troubled racing great Niki Lauda. Heads should roll.

Blue Is The Warmest Color should have been nominated for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’

One of the greatest relationship dramas in living memory has missed out completely at this year’s ceremony – ruled ineligible because it was released ‘too late’ in France. Or something.

That a technicality should rule out the Palme d’Or winner, which was most certainly released in cinemas in the last 12 months, is a bloody travesty. It’s an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Hans Zimmer should have been nominated for ‘Best Original Score’

In yet another Zimmer-related controversy – after the brilliant composer somehow failed to pick up an Oscar for Inception, and his Dark Knight soundtrack was ruled ineligible for some reason – the German legend’s score for 12 Years A Slave has failed to make the cut, despite being a crucially powerful, moving and profound ingredient of Steve McQueen’s instant classic.

Before the nominations were announced it was considered to be the favourite. Not any more.

Pacific Rim should have been nominated for ‘Best Visual Effects’

While Guillermo Del Toro’s blockbuster saga was never going to pick up any plaudits for story or sophistication, its no-nonsense onslaught of monsters vs robots nonetheless provided one of the most astonishing big-screen spectacles of 2013.

Show us better CGI battles and pyrotechnics from the last 12 months, and we’ll eat our scandalised hats.

The Place Beyond The Pines should have been nominated for ‘Best Picture’

All but invisible this awards season despite being exactly the kind of absorbing, atmospheric multi-perspective character drama you’d expect to triumph, Derek Cianfrance’s magnificent mediation on manhood, fathers and sons deserves so much better than to be beaten out altogether simply because it was released at the wrong time in the calendar.

Inside Llewyn Davis should have been nominated for ‘Best Picture’

Perhaps even more of a criminal omission, the almost total absence of the Coen Brothers’ brilliant latest – lauded at Cannes, and adored by pretty much all who’ve seen it – seems a bizarre glitch in the Hollywood matrix. Any other year they’d be in hot contention.

We can only assume that their retro folk feature was deemed a tad too tame following the stark genius of No Country For Old Men and wild abandon of True Grit.

Mark Butler

What do you think of this year’s nominations? Who else do you think was cruelly snubbed?

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