James Cameron: ‘The Terminator would beat Alien Queen in a fight’

Terminator reboot

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Blockbusting director James Cameron has finally answered the question all of us have been wondering these years. Just who would win in a fight between The Terminator and an Alien Queen?

Terminator reboot
[“I’ll be back – if this monster doesn’t bleed on me, of course…”]

Cameron, who wrote and directed the first two Terminator movies and Aliens, was asked the poser during a live fan Q&A on Reddit at the weekend – with a Na’vi from Avatar thrown in as a wildcard. And the filmmaker gave a thoroughly enjoyable response.

“An Armed T-800 with a plasma rifle will clean house,” he claimed. “All it has to do is shoot the Alien Queen, and have it bleed on the Na’vi.”

But Cameron added that an unarmed confrontation would have a different outcome.

“Queen beats Na’vi. Queen beats T-800, because the T-800 would tear the arm off a queen, which would dissolve the mantel and shut down the cyborg.

“Now a Na’vi riding a leonopteryx, or a Na’vi riding a thanataur, that would be a different story…”

The director spoke about his record-breaking film career, exploration of the ocean depths and being sent-up by South Park during the session.

Notable responses also included his hopeful thoughts on the Terminator reboot, and his feeling that Alien prequel Prometheus was “thought-provoking and beautifully visually mounted, but at the end of the day it didn’t add up logically”.

Anyway, now that’s cleared up – who would win out of Batman, Alien and Predator?

Do you agree with Mr Cameron’s conclusions?

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