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Why do so many Americans dislike Hillary Clinton?

US pundit and comedian Erich McElroy offers his take on why Hillary Clinton hasn’t run away with the presidency Her name(s): Is she Hillary Clinton? Hillary Rodham? Hillary Rodham Clinton? Hillary Rodham Clinton Jingleheimer Schmidt? Hillary annoyed people back in Arkansas in the 1970s by not taking her husband’s name when they got married. It …

Comedy Blog October 19, 2016

Why Luke Cage is an antidote to superhero fatigue

Following the success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the latest could-be Netflix superhero hit is Luke Cage, which comes with all the hype you’d expect of another Marvel adaptation for the small screen. The entire series is available now on the streaming service. And, as cinema continues to pump out bigger and louder comic book …

Netflix October 11, 2016

Seven ingenious political satires on Netflix

In an age where genuine news headlines can often be mistaken for satirical spoofs, it’s getting harder and harder for comedy creatives to adequately parody the political machine. Yet many are continuing to rise to the challenge, while long-established classics continue to be relevant today. Here are seven TV shows and movies – available to watch …

Film Lists Netflix September 20, 2016
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