Black Ops III promo

5 things we learned from Black Ops III's new trailer

Activision have unveiled a story trailer for the latest instalment of the insanely popular Call of Duty franchise, which details some of the events players can expect to partake in come the game’s release this November. Watch the trailer below… And here are a few things we gathered from watching the two-minute teaser… 1. In …

Resident Evil is getting a Call of Duty-style first person shooter

In a move that’s sure to have fans of zombie-battling survival games talking, the makers of the hugely successful Resident Evil series have announced that the franchise will be taking an interesting new turn for spin-off instalment Umbrella Corps. Announced this week at the Toyko Games Show, Umbrella Corps appears to be a first-person, competitive team-based shooter. …

Gaming News September 15, 2015
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